The Treble Makers

The Treble Makers are a new start up who aim to make live music accessible to children, schools and organisations all over the UK. Their goal is to encourage children to sing, dance, move around, be loud and offer the opportunity to get experience with instruments.

We were tasked with creating The Treble Makers identity. Referencing the name we crafted a logotype around the recognised symbol of the treble clef. We complimented this with a bold yet playful typographic style to carry all messaging, whilst imagery was treated to colour overlays from a diverse and energetic colour palette.

The deliverables for the project included logo generation, brand identity guidelines, printed collateral and various merchandise items.

All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_TheTrebleMakers_Identity_Merchandise_Overview
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_TheTrebleMakers_Identity_Logo
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_TheTrebleMakers_Identity_Print_Flyer_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_TheTrebleMakers_Merchandise_Badges
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_TheTrebleMakers_Identity_Print_Flyer_02
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_TheTrebleMakers_Identity_Print_Flyer_03
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_TheTrebleMakers_Identity_Digital_Website
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_TheTrebleMakers_Identity_BrandGuidelines

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