Shadows of the Unconscious

SeabrookMahoney are a fashion promotion company, creating conceptually driven work for a range of high-end fashion designers. Their work, Shadows of the Unconscious was a series of films promoting four young up-and-coming designers. The concept and title of the work was drawn from Freud's theories of the unconscious. We were tasked with creating a promotional poster to support the films.

The format, a foldout poster, was chosen as it engages the viewer to unfold and reveal new thoughts and ideas. The monotone colour palette and use of tactile fabrics throughout the designers work was mirrored in the the choice of materials and process we used. The poster was silk screen printed on to bible paper using different opacities of metallic inks to reflect the idea of shadows appearing in the mind.

All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_ShadowsOfTheUnconscious_Fashion_Promotion_Screenprinting_Poster_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_ShadowsOfTheUnconscious_Fashion_Promotion_Screenprinting_Poster_02
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_ShadowsOfTheUnconscious_Fashion_Promotion_Screenprinting_Poster_03
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_ShadowsOfTheUnconscious_Fashion_Promotion_Screenprinting_Poster_05
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_ShadowsOfTheUnconscious_Fashion_Promotion_Screenprinting_Poster_06
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_ShadowsOfTheUnconscious_Fashion_Promotion_Screenprinting_Poster_07

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