London Renters Union

London Renters Union are a city-wide community of renters who speak with a united voice. They aim to take collective action to transform the housing system and win homes for people, not private profit.

The union believes that ‘Together we are powerful’. By harnessing the collective strength of their members, they can amplify their message and demand change. This belief inspired our design. We wanted to create an identity that would provoke and grab attention, whilst inspiring and empowering London’s private renters. And, it was important that the brand have a grass root, energetic and fun aesthetic.

The logotype was distorted and adapted to deliver high-impact typographic brand messages. This illustrative type conveys the amplification of their collective voice. It can be adapted to create a variety of campaign materials and messages.

To accompany the high-contrast, monotone, posterised aesthetic of the brand, we created a suite of highly saturated and bright illustrative brand assets. Together with the distorted type these assets create the grass roots, hand-rendered aesthetic we wanted to reflect a collective and powerful voice.

Deliverables for the project included; brand identity, brand usage guidelines, website design templates, flyer and poster templates designed in various sizes and orientations and a suite of graphic assets including; illustrative typography, stylised brand imagery, iconographic illustration system, to be used across all communications.

All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Print_Poster Campaign
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Logo
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_PublicEngagement
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Digital_Website_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Digital_Website_02
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Digital_Website_03
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Print_Poster
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Merchandise_Bag
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Merchandise_Badges
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Print_Flyer_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Print_Flyer_02
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Digital_SocialMedia
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_Digital_SocialMedia_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_LondonRentersUnion_Identity_BrandGuidelines

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