B_Note Poster Series 01

B_Note is a celebration of music, past and present, with an emphasis on design and production. The first output of this ongoing project, entitled Poster Series 01, focuses on early 20th century blues and jazz musicians. The series contains four posters, each of which was inspired by an artist and a song.

The posters have been printed on 175gsm GF Smith Colorplan Pale Grey in full colour and white using a HP Indigo Digital Press. They are available to purchase now on our online shop (link below).

As an ongoing project we have a number of ideas in the pipeline. So be sure to follow us to keep up to date with future editions of B_Note.

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All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_B-Note-Poster-Series-01_Son-House_Print_Poster_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_B-Note-Poster-Series-01_Muddy-Waters_Print_Poster_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_B-Note-Poster-Series-01_Muddy-Waters_Graphic_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_B-Note-Poster-Series-01_Information-Cards_Print_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_B-Note-Poster-Series-01_John-Jacob-Niles_Print_Poster_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_B-Note-Poster-Series-01_John-Jacob-Niles_Graphic_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_B-Note-Poster-Series-01_Elmore-James_Print_Poster_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_B-Note-Poster-Series-01_Elmore-James_Graphic_01

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