Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

Al-Mutanabbi Street in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad is the heart and soul of the literary and intellectual community, known for its many bookstores and outdoor bookstalls. On the 5th of March 2007 the street fell victim to a car bombing. In response to the attack, Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here was created to show solidarity with the people of Iraq and celebrate freedom of expression. 

We were extremely proud to have the opportunity to design, in collaboration with the award-winning printmaker Danny Flynn, a poster for the coalition to be part of a travelling exhibition raising awareness for the cause. Calling on designers to use traditional methods of printmaking to reference the history of the street, we chose letterpress.  

Using a quote from the writings of Lutfia Alduleimi, it was printed using a spectrum of colour and a technique that allowed the ink to drip, emphasising the phoenixes rise from the ashes.

All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_Al-MutanabbiStreetStartsHere_Print_Letterpress_Exhibition_01
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_Al-MutanabbiStreetStartsHere_Print_Letterpress_Exhibition_02
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_Al-MutanabbiStreetStartsHere_Print_Letterpress_Exhibition_03
All Works Co._Graphic_Design_Studio_London_Al-MutanabbiStreetStartsHere_Print_Letterpress_Exhibition_04

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